Riotronics Pulse Adapter Kit




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 Easy To Install.

First, the instructions are simple.  Secondly, in as little as 5 minute you can install a Riotronics Pulse Adapter Kit.

Riotronics Pulse Adapter Kit

  • Works with Roots CTR and TC Gas Meters.
  • Digital Dry Contact, Form A Switch
  • 10 Cubic Feet = 1 Pulse (8C-11M), 100 Cubic Feet = 1 Pulse (16M)

Weather Resistant.

There’s no doubt these meters can handle tough areas! As a result this unit will handle rain, and furthermore ice and snow. Additionally, there’s peace of mind knowing your meter will last.

Lifetime Tech Support.

We are a certified vendor of GE Oil & Gas. Lastly, we have in field experience since 1951. So if you ever have question we can help!

1 Year Warranty.

If it wasn’t enough that these meters are built like a true beast. GE has included a 1 year warranty. You’re obviously covered.

Finally, for more information on the Riotronics Pulse Adapter Kit you can call us or visit the GE Oil & Gas Website anytime.

Or just give us a call.

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