B3 Series Model 11M175 CTR, SSM, CD, TC, ICEX, ICPWS, IMCW2-PTZ

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11M175 Series Gas Meters are an accurate positive displacement rotary style gas meter. Additionally, one of the amazing features is a very low differential across the meter. This particular meter size is only available in 4 Inch ANSI 125/150# flange connection. Capacity is 11,000 Cubic Feet Per Hour (11 Million BTU). A maximum line pressure of 175 PSI (notice that in the Model number). Operating temperatures are -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C).

Moreover these meters are great for both indoor and outdoor applications. Another fantastic perk is there are no straight pipe requirements. However, it is strongly recommended that you install a Strainer as close to the meter inlet as possible to protect it from pipe debris. Finally, if you can’t find the specific version you’re looking for, let us know. We carry the entire line of Dresser Natural Gas Solutions products and would love to either help educate your application, or lead you in the right direction. Visit Dresser Utility Solutions if you would like to learn more.