IMC/W2 Micro Corrector Head

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B3 Series

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IMC/W2 Micro Corrector Head

This second generation IMC/W2 Micro Corrector Head has the enhancements customers have been asking for. Furthermore the added features make it the easiest corrector to use – such as improved low flow accuracy, greatly enhanced data logging abilities, and significantly reduced test times!


  • Corrected & Uncorrected Pressure & Temperature Readings
  • Digital Display
  • Allows Data Logging
  • Battery Powered
  • No Loss of Data on Battery Removal
  • Weatherproof
  • Selectable Units
  • Works In Div 1 Areas
  • Rotating Display
  • Set Alarms
  • 1 Pulse per 10 Cubic Feet (8C through 11M)
  • 1 Pulse per 100 Cubic Feet (16M)

How To Install

Please view our helpful post How To Install A Roots IMC/W2 Micro Corrector (2019). Improperly installing a Micro Corrector Head can result in injury or even death. Lastly, let us know if this helped you – we’d love to know!

Pressure & Temperature Compensated

Right off the bat the IMC/W2 Micro Corrector Head is Dresser’s top design. In depth and extremely accurate, the internal pressure transducer and thermocouple measure exactly what’s flowing through the line. Moreover without this impressive feature alone, accuracy fades drastically with pressure or temperature changes.

Battery Included

A sealed Alkaline Battery Pack comes included and will provide 5 years of reliable operation. What’s more, ask us about the optional 15 to 20 year Lithium Battery that we also carry.

Optional Output

The IMC/W2 Micro Corrector Head comes most often with either a Conduit or Circular output. For conduit connections, it ships with a 4 foot pigtail wire (5-15 VDC Supply). Optionally, the Circular version does not ship with a pulse cable, however, we stock cables that can be installed when needed.


It works with all size meters up to  16M. In addition we will program the unit for you when ordered.

Weather Resistant.

There’s no doubt these meters can handle tough conditions! In example this unit will easily handle dirt, rain, and furthermore ice and snow. Additionally having security knowing your meter can last.

 Quality Technical Support.

A certified seller of GE Oil & Gas. Above all, having in field experience since 1951. Similarly if you ever have question we can help!

Includes 1 Year Warranty.

GE has included a 1 year warranty.  Certainly covered. Finally, for more information on the IMC/W2 Micro Corrector Head you can give us a call. Optionally visit the GE Oil & Gas Website anytime.


Give us a call if you need any further assistance.  Meanwhile, we have many other products in stock. Not to mention we can back order.

Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions9 × 9 × 9 in
Choose Meter Size:

8C175, 11C175, 15C175, 2M175, 3M175, 5M175, 7M175, 11M175, 16M175

Choose Output:

Circular, Conduit


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