IMC-W2 Software Connection Kit

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IMC-W2 Software Connection Kit

Everything you need all in one kit! Easily connect to your Dresser Roots Micro Corrector Head using the included IMC to PC Programming Cable (Serial Port to 9-Pin Connector) and Adapter Cable (9 Pin to USB 2.0). USB 2.0 Thumb Drive connects lightning quick with easy Plug and Play. Comes with the latest build of the Official Dresser Utility Solutions MCUT Software.


  • MCUT User Terminal Software
  • 5 Ft. IMC to PC Programming Cable (Serial Port to 9-Pin Connector)
  • 2.5 Ft. Adapter Cable (9 Pin to USB 2.0)
  • For IMC-W2, MC2
  • Windows (only) Based Software Is Easy To Use
  • No Registration / Unlimited Installs
  • Quickly Connects to Windows Laptops For Portable Data Fetching
  • Configure Micro Corrector Settings
  • Data Logging For Years of Helpful Information
  • Alarms, Faults, and Notifications

How To Install

View our handy post called How To Install A Roots IMC/W2 Micro Corrector (2022). Please let us know if this helped you!


It works with all size meters up to 16M. Additionally, collecting a wide amount of data will be very beneficial during problem solving with any issues that may come.

Lifetime Tech Support.

We are an official certified representative & stocking distributor for Dresser Utility Solutions. It’s true, we have in field technical experience since 1951. Likewise, if you ever have any questions we would love to help! Afterwards check out our blog for some bonus information to learn more about our amazing products.

Includes 1 Year Warranty.

If it wasn’t enough that these meters are built like a true juggernaut to last year after year, Dresser has included a 1 year warranty. Dresser Roots Gas Meters are made to keep working in commercial and residential locations for many years to come.

Finally, for more information on the IMC-W2 Software Connection Kit you can give us a call or visit the Dresser Utility Solutions website anytime.


Give us a call 1-800-922-8897 if you need any further assistance.

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