Roots Meter Oil 8oz Bottle (24 Pack)

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Roots Meter Oil 8oz Bottle (24 Pack)

Genuine Certified Roots Meter Oil 8 Ounce Bottle (24 Pack)

  • 8 Ounces per Bottle
  • Easily Add To Meter
  • Official Dresser Certified Oil
  • Works With B3 Series & Series A (LMMA) Roots Meters
  • Non-hazardous
Most hydrocarbon-based oils used in the natural gas industry have limited exposure limits. The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for our new ROOTS meter oil permits handling with standard neoprene type gloves in lieu of Nitrite gloves recommended with most lubricants. Roots Meter Oil – Gallon is specially formulated and blended from a non-hazardous, state of the art R&O AW hydraulic oil additive package that prevents oxidation and foaming. Roots Meter Oil – Gallon can also be used in any Series A or Series B meter and can be safely blended with previously approved ROOTS™ meter oils such as ROOTS Versi-Temp 2 Meter Oil (Shell Tellus T15) and Grade 50 (Shell Diala AX).


Often these oils contain a dye that is added for improved viewing capability. A commonly used component of the dye, Ethyl Benzene, produces a higher than desired toxicity level. Our new and environmentally friendly ROOTS™ meter oil is still red in color but contains no toxic or hazardous ingredients. Lastly, you can view the MSDS document here.

Should I drain my old oil first?

The resulting oil color will vary depending on the quantities of each oil used in the mixture. Draining the old oil before adding the new oil is optional if oil color clarity is of concern.

Easy to use.

It’s true, just fill the Roots Meter Oil to the fill line of your Roots Meter sight glass.

Can I use any oil?

No. Certified & Prover Tested Meters require Official Versi-Temp Meter Oil to run.

How much oil does my meter need?

Good question. In short, every meter needs a different amount of oil. As a result, just fill the oil in both sight glasses to the middle line, and you’re done! All meters are shipped with the largest quantity of oil required for the initial filling of the meter. Ultimately a gallon of oil is perfect for many meters, or keeping in need of emergency.

What’s the flash point?

Because safety is always important, keep in mind the flash point is 275 Deg. F.

Lifetime tech support.

We are a certified Representative of Dresser Utility Solutions. Additionally, we have in field experience since 1951. Consequently if you ever have question we can help!

Finally, for more information on Roots Meter Oil you can give us a call or visit the Dresser Utility Solutions website anytime.


Give us a call if you need any further assistance.  Meanwhile, we have many other products in stock. Similarly we can back order.

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