Roots #409 Clear Counter Cover

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For B3 Series CTR Meters

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Roots #409 Clear Counter Cover

  • Brand New Repair Assembly

  • With Quad Seal

  • Oil-less Design

  • Works With Non-Compensated & Temperature Compensated 8C – 56M Meters (Without Pulser)

  • Does Not Work with CD (Instrument Drive) Versions

Easy To Read.

It’s true, the Roots #409 Clear Counter Cover clear window makes reading meters easy. Moreover installation is a breeze.

Do I Fill with Oil?

No. All series B3 meters contain an oil-less design. Additionally,  this allows for simple maintenance.

Lifetime Tech Support.

We are a certified Representative of GE Oil & Gas. What’s more, we have in field experience since 1951. So if you ever have question we can help!

Includes 1 Year Warranty.

If it wasn’t enough that these meters are built like a true juggernaut, GE has included a 1 year warranty. You’re obviously covered.

Finally, for more information on the 409 Counter Cover you can give us a call or visit the GE Oil & Gas Website anytime.


Give us a call if you need any further assistance.  Meanwhile, we have many other products in stock. Similarly we can back order.

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