Dylix GX Pressure Transducer


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Dylix GX Pressure Transducer

First of all, Dylix Corp. tests every Dylix GX Pressure Transducer using the latest technological advances to produce a high cycle unit. Secondly, it’s built into the foundation that every Dylix Corp. product will stand the test of time.

Smart Design.

A key feature of the sensing element is its separation from stress such as mounting torque and vibration. The GX is configurable (from single piece orders to large) to meet Dylix’s customers needs.

NEMA 4X packaging.

No matter the output (mVdc, Vdc or mAdc) or pressure (gage, absolute or vacuum), every Dylix GX Pressure Transducer is rated to Nema 4X. Pressure ranges are available from 0-1 psig through 0-15,000 psig.


If you need improved accuracy, we offer 0.1% Full Scale as an option. However, the standard 0.25% Full Scale is very repeatable.

A Company That Cares.

Did we mention that Dylix Corp. has been in the industry since 1990? Moreover, we can’t think of many companies that put as much heart into their products than them. Additionally, you can visit their website and reach out to them with any questions: Dylix Corp.

We’re Here to Help.

Our in field technical experience has laid its foundation since 1951. We have many products that has truly set us apart from the the competition. Lastly, if you have any questions for us, please give us a call at 1-800-922-8897.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in

0-1 PSIG, 0-2 PSIG, 0-3 PSIG, 0-4 PSIG, 0-5 PSIG, 0-10 PSIG, 0-15 PSIG, 0-20 PSIG, 0-25 PSIG, 0-30 PSIG, 0-50 PSIG, 0-100 PSIG, 0-150 PSIG, 0-200 PSIG, 0-250 PSIG, 0-500 PSIG, 0-1000 PSIG, 0-1500 PSIG, 0-2000 PSIG, 0-5000 PSIG, 0-6000 PSIG, 0-10,000 PSIG, 0-15,000 PSIG, 0-20,000 PSIG