2M175CTR-SSM Roots Gas Meter


Specialty Service Meter (SSM)

Suitable For Digester Gas

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SSM – Specialty Service Meter

The 2M175CTR-SSM Roots Gas Meter is suitable for digester gas (which is methane-rich).

2M175CTR-SSM Roots Gas Meter

  • Flow Rate: 2,000 CUFH (2 Million BTU)
  • 2 Inch 150# Flanges
  • Max Pressure: 175 PSI
  • 5 Digit Mechanical Odometer
  • No Outputs
  • Suitable For Digester Gas
  • Internal Parts Replaced with Stainless Steel
  • 8 Ounce Meter Oil Included

Easy To Install.

No straight pipe requirements. Furthermore all B3 Series meters are 150# flanges for quick removal.

97% Accurate At Only 3% Only Flow!

What’s your application? Our meters are very accurate even at low flows!

Very Low Pressure Differentials.

First lowering the max op. speed provides lower pressure differentials for low pressure applications. Secondly extending the meter’s life. Thirdly saving you money over time.

Weather Resistant.

There’s no doubt these meters can handle tough conditions! As a result this unit will easily handle dirt, rain, ice and snow. Additionally having security knowing your meter will handle tough conditions.

 Simple Display Design.

A truly easy to read local mechanical odometer requires no power to read. On the other hand since they’ve removed the oil from the cover, things have improved immensely.


Things change over time. For this reason we offer in field hardware kits for easy install of remote capabilities. Consequently helping you if you need to change anything in the future.

Prover Tested.

All meters will ship with paperwork from the factory workers at Dresser Utility. In fact a final analysis your certified 2M175CTR-SSM is prover tested by state of the art technology.

Lifetime Tech Support.

We are a certified Representative of Dresser Utility. It’s true, we have in field experience since 1951. Otherwise if you ever have question we can help! Afterward check out our blog for learn more about our products.

Includes 1 Year Warranty.

If it wasn’t enough that these meters are built like a true juggernaut, GE has included a 1 year warranty. Obviously your covered.

Finally, for more information on the 2M175CTR-SSM you can give us a call or visit the Dresser Utility website anytime.

Additional information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 11 × 9 in