2 Inch Flange Y Strainer

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2 Inch Flange Y Strainer

  • Cast Iron
  • 125/150# ANSI Flat Face Flanges
  • Extra Fine Stainless Steel Mesh Screen
  • Self Cleaning Style
  • Traps Pipe Scale & Debris

High Temperatures

As a matter of fact the 2 Inch Flange Y Strainer is great on tough demanding applications where quality matters.

  1. Good up to 250 PSI
  2. Max Temperature 4,000 degrees


First the body and cap have seats which ensure correct screen alignment. More over this is a much easier method than a difficult to reach strainer gasket. Consequently allowing smooth removal.  For this reason it is high recommended. Moreover there are bosses located at the inlet and outlet flanges for the installation of gauges.

 Equal To Mueller

Of course these strainers are built for long term use under normal conditions. Because  they protect many types of products such as pumps, valves, meters, compressors, etc. by straining foreign particles from the pipeline. Finally, self cleaning is achieved by opening the plug/valve connected to the blow-off outlet.

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Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in